I started this website in 2006 to play around with Drupal and create for myself an online platform for writing projects and miscellaneous other things in which I dabble from time to time. That was with D4. Last year, as D7 came out, and this poor website had ceased to work with the upgrade to php5, I undertook installing a new version. Fortunately, there wasn't too much content and I was able to cut/paste what I had pretty quickly. And there I left it.

Now, I decide to update the site yet again and play with some advanced Drupal modules. (Before, this was a base install with nothing but core.) I had hoped to be able to do an update, then a node export/import but after many tries, the tried and true copy/paste was, alas the way to go. Don't know what will happen with this test site if I ever do use it for anything meaningful because I'm getting bored with the copy/paste route every time I have a need or desire to upgrade the software.