I stumbled upon the app Relax Melodies a couple years ago somewhat by accident. At the time, of all the apps in the genre, it had an overwhelming (perhaps 100 to 1) number of reviews and positive ratings than its nearest neighbor, so it was kind of a no-brainer to try it out. Like so many others, after a few minutes of playing around with the free version, I went right back and bought the premium version. Within a week, I had it on all my devices: iPhone, laptop, desktop, iPad. Purchased for its ability to get me grounded again at work, it had the unexpected but happy consequence of also curing me of hives. For that, as anyone who has ever had hives can attest, the app is worth its weight in gold--do apps have a weight?

Even though I still use the app at work from time to time, I rediscovered it again this morning. You might think this was a no-brainer, but I'd never used the app as an aid for meditation before. My recent explorations of meditation cd's did not leave me with a particularly positive experience and fussing with a mix, crafting and saving it in Relax Melodies, while fun, doesn't count for meditation, nor do I normally think of making things like that when I'm not planning on meditating that instant. Still, I needed something to drown out the sounds of the interstate, suburban remodeling and tv in the kitchen.

It turns out, that on the iPhone version, there are a bunch of pre-configured combinations, one being especially useful for meditating. With headphones and a timer set, it was the best meditation I've done at home in a long time. I completed the exercise energized to start my day, energy being something that has been lacking for a long time. Of course, without the timer, I'd probably still be meditating, it was that good of an experience.

Relax Melodies is a useful tool that has definitely made my life better.