In our imagination all roads lead to an ancient town that caters to travelers such as us. Its dusty streets take us to the old section where the buildings blend with each other and the well-worn pavement. There is a narrow alley that you discovered a long time ago, although hardly anyone else seems to know of its existence. The doors are all closed and unmarked, but it is not difficult to pick out the small one made of oak planks that were ancient when the walls were new. You enter the dark space within quietly, reverently closing the door behind you. It takes your eyes a few minutes to adjust to the cool, quiet space. It is dark, but not pitch. On the far side from the door is a narrow altar. On the altar rests a golden dish. Within the dish burns a small flame. This is the flame of universal knowledge. Every answer is contained within it. To be given your answer, you need only ask the question. It is at first difficult to ask, to break the silence of the place. Instead, the question forms in your mind and the answer comes to you the same way. The flame will always be here to answer your questions. It cannot be extinguished. If you like, you can take the flame with you. Any time you light a candle or an oil lamp, you connect with the flame and it is with you. You can always return here from any time or place to feel the stillness and the quiet and know that you have the answers to all your questions.