Bravely going at it again

One of the things I am getting to really like about D7 is the updating feature. However, in a rash of insanity, I installed UUID and it has caused an interesting rash of problems. It turns out to be something that can neither be uninstalled nor avoided. So now I am left with updating the damn thing and living with its quirks. This post is a test to see if after installing one of its updates (I installed the dev version instead of the prod version and now it whines) this function continues to work. So here goes!

Starting Over ...again

I started this website in 2006 to play around with Drupal and create for myself an online platform for writing projects and miscellaneous other things in which I dabble from time to time. That was with D4. Last year, as D7 came out, and this poor website had ceased to work with the upgrade to php5, I undertook installing a new version. Fortunately, there wasn't too much content and I was able to cut/paste what I had pretty quickly. And there I left it.

Another Day, Another Fiddle

I'm actually beginning to write and post real content here. However, in doing so, I noticed things I didn't like, so I'm fiddling with the formatting of the site. If anyone out there is watching, expect things like navigation to wander randomly throughout the site as I experiment with different ways to place and organize things.

Getting Started

So I'm getting started with this thing once again. I couldn't sleep, so I'm up all night first deleting the old installation, then reinstalling the software. This time I'm not being so cavalier with the extra modules. I'm just going with the basic system, plus images and quicktags and ignoring the stuff that just confused things and seemed to make doing something like this simple post impossible.