A Blog about my experiences, good and bad, at Miss Porter's Summer Camp for Girls

The literature regularly suggests that the true difference in most abilities between boys and girls is negligible, yet acknowledges that girls are most likely to thwart their personal abilities in the presence of boys. There are many reasons for this, of course, but the fact remains that for girls to achieve their true potential, they often need a little help. Miss Porter's Summer Camp for Girls provides a healthy environment for girls to do just that.

I spent my first summer at Miss Porter's when I was seven years old. Every summer after that I went back. The rules were simple: be who you are and if you get to the dining hall late, you'll go hungry. Upon your tenth year, there is one more rule added to the list: you can't go back. In this blog, I'll share some of my experiences and the wisdom I picked up at that special summer camp. Because without doubt, I would not be the person I have become without the time I had at Miss Porter's.

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