Back wall of the North Bolton Cemetery, Vernon, CT. Photo by author.

I’ve two things to report on the editing front. First, I do believe that I am getting faster at it. Second, I still don’t enjoy it, but I think it is getting less onerous.

I’ve gotten through a few rounds of editing on my middle grade novel (working title: Al’s Everything Store). The story at this point, I think, is pretty complete. I am about to embark on a round of getting scenes, chapters and sections broken into reasonable bits.

My draft writing style is to start a document pretty much whenever I sit down to writing, so chapter breaks don’t always make a lot of sense. This doesn’t affect the story overall, but it does mean that the structure could use a little help. Once I finish this stage, I will be on to polishing whatever little bits remain, hopefully putting a nice shine on everything.

You may have noticed that I am not much of a blogger. I admire people who are. It’s never going to be much of my thing. Writing fiction is what I prefer to do. Speculative, weird, whimsical stuff. I am not very interested in ordinary people living ordinary lives. If, when you get to know one of my main characters, there isn’t much that you share in common, I’ll think I might have been a little bit successful.

I highly doubt that I can come up with a completely unique character. Humans have been on this planet for over a million years. Most of the obvious possibilities have probably been explored by now. But that’s ok. Some of the good tropes need to be re-examined from time to time with new eyes, in new circumstances. Hopefully, that’s a niche I’ll fit into.

When I am not blogging, I am writing (or editing) fiction. Some of it, hopefully, will get published in traditional channels. For the rest, I intend to self publish. Some will be published as books outright, other pieces will end up on one of my websites or another platform that seems to make sense.

Currently, I am experimenting with some silliness involving a coffee mug on my SubStack ( Also, I occasionally put stuff on my other website, Over the summer, I’m planning to expand on my summer camp for the magically gifted (a couple short pieces on the website currently). That will either be posted on the SubStack or the website (or both). (I’ve a long list of updates I need to do to the website to make it ready for prime-time, so beware should you attempt to visit it.)