1-One Sentence Summary

A one sentence summary of the story:
- 15 words or less
- no character names
- tie together the big picture and the personal one.

The Gay 90s

It seems a little surreal looking back and thinking of the '90s. My grandmother was born in 1890 and growing up, there were still plenty of references to the Gay 90s. My memories of the 1990s draw no parallels with my visions of the 1890s, yet mention of 'the 90s' still equates in my mind with young ladies wearing lovely white dresses with hems brushing the green grass of manicured lawns.


A young dancer's dreams are destroyed when she becomes a test subject for a deadly plague.


A group of believers use a ten thousand year journey within an asteroid to evolve both physically and spiritually.


A child of nature with a gift for understanding biotechnology must choose between an unborn daughter and love. --- A biotech wizard struggles with professional demands and personal faith/values.


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