Chapter 1

Choices, but none that I am in love with. I came upon this conundrum in the ordinary way: over commitment, under achievement. The usual stuff. On the corporate ladder looking at the glass ceiling one day, selling everything to open a coffee shop in a forgettable place the next.


Silverbrook is the working title of my 2015 NaNoWriMo project. What you see here is subject to change as I work my way through the draft. And yes, it is very, very, drafty!Also note, that my chapter boundaries occur without rhyme or reason.

You Can't Go Back

A Blog about my experiences, good and bad, at Miss Porter's Summer Camp for Girls

The literature regularly suggests that the true difference in most abilities between boys and girls is negligible, yet acknowledges that girls are most likely to thwart their personal abilities in the presence of boys. There are many reasons for this, of course, but the fact remains that for girls to achieve their true potential, they often need a little help. Miss Porter's Summer Camp for Girls provides a healthy environment for girls to do just that.

What if we had wings?

Since practically forever, human beings have wanted to fly. I think representing angels with wings as higher beings testifies to this: because beliefs aside, angels don't need wings to get around.

Relax Melodies: The Swiss Army Knife of Relaxation

I stumbled upon the app Relax Melodies a couple years ago somewhat by accident. At the time, of all the apps in the genre, it had an overwhelming (perhaps 100 to 1) number of reviews and positive ratings than its nearest neighbor, so it was kind of a no-brainer to try it out. Like so many others, after a few minutes of playing around with the free version, I went right back and bought the premium version. Within a week, I had it on all my devices: iPhone, laptop, desktop, iPad.


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