Pottery vs Writing -- Week 1

After just one pottery class, I've decided that there are many similarities between throwing pots and writing stories. Both are addictive. Both take a lot of practice time and effort to become accomplished. The end result, when done well, is engaging on many levels. There are, however, some significant advantages when learning the craft of clay versus that of writing.

Spontaneous? Impulsive? Bold!

After moving to East Hartford in the late '70s, my friends and I stumbled upon a pottery studio. Being a very part-time dabbler in clay and always interested in any kind of craft, we stopped into the shop. Not only was the work awesome, but the studio offered lessons. I vowed that one day I'd take lessons there and set up my own studio sometime. I had taken some ceramics classes and any time I did, I just wanted to do more of it.


I've never given channeling a lot of thought. It seemed like something other people did out of a desire for attention or something. To open yourself up for channeling, and I was not worrying about whether it was a true possibility or a convenient way to make daydreams seem self important, seems risky. In essence, as I understand it, you are allowing some other entity to use your physical connection with this reality to convey a message. In it's most benign form, that is. You have to wonder about the motives of someone wanting to do that. The someone being channeled, that is.

Bravely going at it again

One of the things I am getting to really like about D7 is the updating feature. However, in a rash of insanity, I installed UUID and it has caused an interesting rash of problems. It turns out to be something that can neither be uninstalled nor avoided. So now I am left with updating the damn thing and living with its quirks. This post is a test to see if after installing one of its updates (I installed the dev version instead of the prod version and now it whines) this function continues to work. So here goes!

Starting Over ...again

I started this website in 2006 to play around with Drupal and create for myself an online platform for writing projects and miscellaneous other things in which I dabble from time to time. That was with D4. Last year, as D7 came out, and this poor website had ceased to work with the upgrade to php5, I undertook installing a new version. Fortunately, there wasn't too much content and I was able to cut/paste what I had pretty quickly. And there I left it.


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