Drawings Collection

2012 Greater Hartford Women's Conference

I created the poster for the theme, Perspectives, for the conference. The artwork was then used for postcards, program cover, and the JI supplement cover advertising the conference. What a lot of people don't seem to understand is that every time you change the size, you have to tweak it a bit to make it fit in the new proportions. Also, each version included different sponsorship information.

Working with MyPaint

Sunday, Labor Day weekend, I stumbled across a reference to an open source program called MyPaint. Hours later, I had it installed and running. I love the concept of open source, but sometimes I wish that some open source programs were not delivered as source. This being one of them. However, I did get it to work and I do like it for a sketching program. As I explore and practice, I'll post some of the pictures here.


The D4 version of this site had a lovely fern theme. I'm still looking to capture that essence and constantly playing with fern images. This is a not very good result of playing with a new set of fern brushes for photoshop. The composition isn't much, but I learned a good deal about working with the brush manager.

Space Station

This is a concept drawing for Wasted Journies. Another ray-tracing, not to scale, but to help me visualize things for the story. Of course, I spent way too much time on it, but, hey, I had fun. Done in POV.


Created in Illustrator...still looking for its story.


Still a work in process... but I'm thinking about it. Done in Painter